The Account Preferences page is where users can view or update the following: 

  • Login Information

  • Profile Information

  • Notifications Settings 

  • Credit Card Information

To access the Account Preferences page, click on the profile icon on the bottom left sidebar on any page of the platform. 

Note: The profile icon appears as a circle with your initial until you have updated your profile picture. 

Login Information

Your login information is the first thing that shows up on the Account Preferences page. In the "Login" block you’ll find your email address, username and password. 

  • Email Address - This is the email tied to your membership. 

  • Username - This is your username as well as the username you use to login to your account. 

  • Password - To change your password, click the dropdown arrow and enter in your “Current Password” then a “New Password” and click Save

To update information in the "Login Information" section, click the dropdown arrow to the right, edit your information and click Save.


Within "Profile" section you’ll find the following: 

  • Avatar - Upload an image to set as your profile picture 

  • First Name - Add in your first name

  • Last Name - Add in your last name

To update information in the "Profile" section, click the dropdown arrow to the right, edit your information and click Save

Updating Your Credit Card Information

To update your credit card information, scroll down to the section labelled “Credit Card” on the Account Preferences page and click to open the block. 

Click on the drop down arrow and enter the following information:

  • New credit card number.

  • Expiration date.

  • CVC security code (located on the back of the card).

Hit Save to store and update your information.

If you have any questions about your account, please contact support at

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