The User Profile Page is where users can view or update the following:

  • Login Information.

  • Profile Information.

  • Notifications Settings.

  • Billing Information.

  • App Accessibility.

  • Site Data.

  • Membership Upgrade.

To access the User Profile page, click on your avatar located on the bottom left sidebar of the website.

Note: The profile icon appears as a circle with your initial until you have updated your profile picture.

The user profile settings are distributed in different sections which you can access by clicking the name of each section on the left side of the page.

Profile and Login Information

Your profile and login information are the first things that show up on the user profile page. It will open by default when you access the User Profile Page and you can go back to it by clicking on “Profile”.

In the "Login Information" block you’ll find your email address, username, and password.

  • Email Address: This is the email tied to your membership.

  • Username: This is your username as well as the username you use to log in to your account.

  • Password: To change your password, click the dropdown arrow and enter in your “Current Password” then a “New Password” and click Save.

To update information on the user profile page, click the dropdown arrow to the right of the section you would like to edit, edit your information and click on “save”.


Within the "Profile" section you’ll find the following:

  • Avatar: Upload an image to set as your profile picture.

  • First Name: Add in your first name.

  • Last Name: Add in your last name.

  • Phone Number: Add in your phone number.

  • Billing Address: Add in your billing address.

  • Shipping Address: Add in your shipping address.

  • LinkedIn Profile: Add the link to your LinkedIn profile.


On the notifications section, you can turn on and off the following type of notifications, depending on what notifications you would like to receive.

  • Following Strategy Digest: By turning this option on, you will receive an email and In-App notification every time there is a change to the strategies that you follow.

  • Tagged Strategy Digest: By turning this option on, you will receive an email and In-App notification every time there is a change to the strategies that you have tagged.

  • Mailing Lists: Here you will be able to toggle on and off email notifications from our website contributors.

  • In-App Notifications: Here you can activate notifications for the live meetups. By activating this, you will be notified when a live meetup has started.

To enable or disable notifications, simply click on the toggle icon located at the left of each notification type. You can know which notifications are enabled by looking at the toggle button, if it is green it means notifications are enabled and if it is gray it means they are disabled.

Click here to know how to set up daily notifications.

Billing Information

On the Billing Information section, you will find the following:

  • Current Membership Plan: Here you can find information about your current membership plan and what you have available on the website with that plan.

  • Billing Invoices: All your past billing invoices can be found here, you can also download those invoices as PDFs if you wish.

  • Apparel Orders: Any apparel orders that you make can be found here, including date of order, description, address, and status.

  • Credit Card Information: In this section, you will be able to see the last 4 digits of your default card as well as update it.

To update your credit card information, click on the drop-down arrow and enter the following information:

  • New credit card number.

  • Expiration date.

  • CVC security code (located on the back of the card).

Hit “Save” to store and update your information.

App Accessibility

On the App Accessibility section, you can find the following settings.

  • Font Size: There you can change the font size from regular to large if you are having difficulties reading.

  • Theme: In there you will be able to change from our default dark theme to a light one.

Site Data

On the Site Data section, you will be able to easily manage your strategy tags, you can change the name of a tag by clicking the pencil to the right. Additionally, by clicking on the squares to the left you can multi-select tags to delete them all at once.

Upgrade Membership

In this section, you will be able to upgrade your membership, simply select the option that best suits you, and a pop-out window will appear where you will be able to complete the membership upgrade.

Finally, on the bottom left side of the screen, you will also find 3 more sections:

  • Chat With Support: Click here to open up our support chat, feel free to reach out to support if you ever need assistance.

  • Community Tools: In here you will be able to see which community users you have blocked and unblock them.

  • Sign Out: Click here to sign out of the platform completely.

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