WallStreet.io Community Wall

The Community Wall is a great place to connect and share with your fellow WallStreet.io members. Post content to the wall for others to see, like, comment and share. 

To navigate to the Community Wall, click on this icon in the left navigation bar: 

At the top of the Community Wall there is a search bar. This allows you to filter out content, find specific posts based on keywords, stocks, or members. 

For more filtering options, click on this icon to the left of the Community Wall: 

This tab provides more options to filter content to:

  • Latest posts

  • Your posts to the site  

  • Bookmarked posts

  • Images 

  • Videos 

  • Release Updates 

Posting to the Community Wall

To get started click on the “Create Post” icon in the bottom right corner of the Community Wall: 

The standard post view gives you the option to type your comment, link a page, and upload an image or video. When your post is ready, click “POST”. Your post will populate on the Community Wall feed.

Note: WallStreet.io posts notifications and announcements that always appear at the top of the Community Wall. To see your post, scroll past this announcement to the top of the feed. 

WallStreet.io Contributors

WallStreet.io’s Contributors bring their unique trading strategies and expertise the community. Contributors post to the Community Wall, in the chatroom and offer live workshops throughout the week. 

If you would like to stay up-to-date on a Contributors post you can update your settings.
(Visit this page for more details on how to do update your preferences.) 

WallStreet.io Chat Room

In addition to the Community Wall, WallStreet.io has a chat room — similar to “instant  group messaging”. 

To open or close the chat room, click this icon on the top right side of the page: 

Type in your message in the box at the bottom of the chat room and press “Enter” 

To adjust your chat room settings, click the three dot icon at the top. This tab provides more options to: 

  • Turn notifications for the chat room “On” or “Off” 

  • Turn the sound for the chat room “On” or “Off”

  • Pop-out out the chat room window 

If you have any questions about your account, please contact support at support@wallstreet.io

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