Within WallStreet.io’s charting tool, you can create watchlists. This is a list of stocks
that are set up for convenient access to the most relevant and popular stocks. 

To access the watchlist, click the arrow to the left of the chart, under “Search Stock”. 

A drop down menu will appear. Choose a preset watchlist and select stocks from within that list. 

Note: WallStreeet.io has preset watchlist of seven of the most viewed sectors. These preset lists cannot be adjusted. This list includes: Financials, Real Estate, Transportation, BioTechs, Market ETF’s, Most Popular, and High Options Volume. 

Every time you select a stock, it will populate in the chart. However, your chart settings will always stay the same. For example, if you have your chart set to 3Y, Heikenashi, Pointer, these settings will stay the same for each stock you choose. 

To create your own watchlist click the + sign icon and a pop up box will appear:

Create a “Watchlist name” and choose from thousands of stocks by simply adding a ticker symbol in the “add stock” box. 

Once you’re done, click “Save Watchlist” at the bottom of this tab. Your personal watchlists will be saved below the community watchlist.

Tip: If you search for a stock and don’t see it, don’t worry, our system will import the stock and data automatically. Check back in a few minutes and you’ll see it has been populated. 

How to Sort Your Watchlist + Custom Display

We've created an easy way to sort and customize your watchlist. Simply right click on the watchlist or "control" click and you'll see a pop up menu that looks like this:

Hover over the Sort menu and you'll get options to sort by Symbol, Price, Change, or Custom.

Additionally, you can edit and customize the information that is shown in the watchlist. Use the same process by right clicking or "control" click on the watchlist and hover over the Display menu.  You can choose to include more or less info on the watchlist.

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