To access our main strategy backtester, you will first need to access the Chart by clicking on the green bull icon in the upper left corner of the website.

Our Backtester is designed to create tradable strategies based on technical indicator conditions that can be added within the BACKTEST tab. The standard Backtesting tab looks like this:

  • The Long and Short buttons will switch the Buy and Sell order to build strategies that are long stock or short stock respectively. The darkened icon is the selected button.

  • Both a Buy condition and a Sell condition are required for the backtester to load any strategy data.

  • Click or drag and drop a condition into your buy and sell boxes.

  • Once loaded, the backtested strategy’s statistics are displayed to the right of the chart in the Stats tab. If you don't see the stats panel on the right please click "View Stats" button at the top right of your page.

Note: The Backtest tab will always show you the conditions for the strategy you're viewing. This is helpful when using the Scan feature. 

Example: When Scanning for strategies, once you select one you can view the conditions of the strategy in the backtest tab.

How to add an "And" condition

You can use our 1-click feature by clicking on any condition on the left ie: MACD. When you use the 1-click feature we automatically populate both the buy and sell of the backtest with the same condition.

You can also drag and drop conditions from the left menu into either the buy or sell area. This is helpful when building a strategy where your buy and sell are different.

When you place an "And" condition you'll need both conditions to be true in order for the strategy to start or stop.

In the example below, you'll need the MACD to be crossed bullish and the stock to be above the 50 day simple moving average. If one of those is not true then the strategy will be inactive. However, once the strategy starts, you'll just need the MACD to go bearish to end the strategy.

How to add an "Or" conditions

We built our backtester to handle "and" conditions as well as "or" conditions. This makes our strategy builder incredibly robust in its abilities to handle both simple and complex strategies.

Using the same conditions as above, we can set our strategy to buy when the MACD crosses to the bulls "or" when the stock is above the 50 day simple moving average.

This "or" condition expands on the traditional possibilities of an "and" condition.

You can add an "or" condition to either the buy or sell side of your strategy. For the buy side click on the Buy menu, then select Add Signal as shown in the example below.

To add a "or" to the sell side simple click on the Sell menu.

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