Change from light theme to dark theme

Swapping between Light and Dark theme will change the overall color of the platform from white to black respectively.

Chart Settings

Our chart settings gives you the option to show more or less stock price data on the chart. 

Your two options include:

  • Option 1 - Display the ticker + Open, High, Low, Close info in the upper left corner of the chart. This is how you put the ticker on your chart like the example below. Most people prefer this option.

  • Option 2 - Display the Open, High, Low, Close in a pop up dialog box (only when on the crosshair tool). This gives you a cleaner chart and only shows you O, H, L, C when on the crosshair tool.

Strategy Settings

The strategy settings impact how the strategy info shows up on your chart.

How to show the trade spans on the chart

The first setting allows you to turn strategy shading on and off on the chart. Many people want to see the specific start and stop dates of a trade on the chart to see how well a strategy caught the move.

  • Display the strategy's trades on the chart.

  • Can also be done with shortcut by clicking on "control V" on your keyboard.

The second setting here allows you to show the indicators from the strategy on the chart. 

Note: if you have indicators engaged from the Indicators tab and from the backtest tab with this setting you may see duplicate indicators.

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