The Scan tab allows you to discover new strategies for all of the stocks within our system, as well as manage the strategies you already have followed on your account. 

The Scan tab has a couple major features shown here

On the left is the filter, where you are able to adjust specific parameters to sort through the list of stocks in our database. These parameters include whether the strategy is starting, ending, as well as other parameters, such as sliding scales for batting average and risk/reward percentages.

The first drop down menu swaps between Discover, all of the strategies we have in our system, and My Strategies, the strategies you have followed on your account.

The second drop down menu swaps between Current Stock, All Stocks, and Current Watchlist. 

You can arrange all of the strategies that populate this list in either a list format or a grid format. Click a strategy within this box to load the strategy and stock onto your chart for further information.

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