Once you follow a strategy you can unfollow or delete it at any time. 

Unfollowing a strategy will remove the strategy from My Strategies in the SCAN tab and also stop that strategy from showing up in your daily strategy emails.

There are 3 main ways to unfollow a strategy.

  • Click the unfollow button at the top right of the Charts page ( you must be viewing the strategy you want to unfollow using this method).

  • Or, Click the green star of a strategy from the SCAN tab.

  • Or, Bulk unfollow from the SCAN tab.

How to Bulk Delete Strategies

To delete more than one strategy at a time you need to click the 3 dot icon at the top left of the table view. From there you'll get a pop up menu, click Multi Select.

You'll see a selection box open up at the right of each strategy. Follow and unfollow strategies in bulk using this tool.

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