With so many strategies in our database how do you know which ones are good and which ones are bad? 

Introducing the WallStreet.io Rating System.

We've identified 10 core stats that great strategies have in common and have we gave them all a weight of  5 to 10 depending on their importance. With 10 being the most important. 

While we can't share the specific proprietary weights we've given to each of the 10 factors we can give you the factors that we look at. 

Here they are in no particular order:

  • Buy and Hold Profitability

  • Consistency

  • Trades Per Year

  • Risk Reward

  • Profit Factor

  • Win Loss Ratio

  • Average Gain

  • Average Loss

  • Average Drawdown

  • Open To Low

  • High To Close

  • Average Win Length

  • Average Loss Length

We've created a specific sliding scale for what makes a good stat. This helps us give each strategy score for each stats. All a strategies stats are added up and then divided by 100.

With this score we can then apply a simple and straightforward rating system with "A" being the best and "B" being second best and so on.

You can see our rating system being applied while looking at the "View Stats" panel as well as in the SCAN tab. A popular way to use this is to sort strategies in the SCAN tab by rating.

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