All strategies and conditions placed in the BACKTEST tab have their results shown in the "View Stats" Panel.

Access the panel by clicking on the "View Stats" button at the top right of your chart. To view the results of a stock strategy you must be on the BACKTEST tab.

A beautiful stats panel will slide out from the right of your page giving you invaluable information about the strategy you're looking at int he Backtest tab.

Think of the "View Stats" panel as being always synced with the conditions in the BACKTEST tab. 

If you change anything in the BACKTEST tab it will instantly update the stats for you in the "View Stats" panel.

Our Speed is What Makes Unique

Other backtesting softwares can take up to a min to run a test. We are the world's first backtesting engine to give you instant results.

Let's breakdown the View Stats panel

Starting with the very top. 

$89.06  Is the large number at the top center which shows you the amount of money you would have made if you bought and sold 1 share of stock using the strategy in the Backtest tab. This number is specific to the timeframe you have selected at the bottom center of the chart.

21% / YEAR is the annual return had you taken all the trades in the strategy.

The Line Chart Has two lines. The green line represents the strategy, and the grey line represents buy and holding the stock. This allows you to quickly the strategy to buying and holding the stock. 

Notice how nice it is to see how the strategy does compared to the stock during specific up and down turns. Does the strategy go sideways or up while the stock goes down? 

Annual Profit & Loss for 10 Years

We wanted a way to quickly see how consistent a strategy is year over year. 

The bar chart below shows you a green bar for a profitable year and a red bar for a year the strategy lost money. 

The strategy above was profitable every year for the last 10 years! Hover over each bar to get the year, and how well the strategy did compared to the stock.

Quick Stats

Next you'll see 3 important stats, Risk Reward, Batting Average and Trades Per Year.

Risk Reward is calculated using the average win and the average loss. If you average win is 5% and your average loss is 2.5% your risk reward will be 2.

Batting Average is calculated by dividing your total wins by the total amount of trades. If you made 100 trades and 71 were wins your batting average would be 71%

Trades Per Year shows you an average amount of times the strategy happened in a given year. This is helpful to knowing a strategies frequency. You can imagine a strategy with 14 trades a year will probably give you a trade a little more than once a month.

Overview of a Strategy

Status will tell you whether the strategy is Starting, Ending, Day x (active) or Inactive.

Type will tell you if the strategy buys to open or sells to open otherwise know as Long or Short.

Stock will show you the ticker that the strategy is using.

Conditions will give you a quick view of the things that make up the strategy in the Backtest tab.

Rating is's proprietary 10 factor weighting system for evaluating strategies. An "A" strategy being better than a "B" etc. Read more about our rating system in a full article here.

Trades shows you the total amount of times the strategy started in the time frame selected.

Wins for a Long type of strategy happen when a trade bought to open lower than it sold to close. For short strategies a win will be when a trade sold to open higher than it it bought to close.

Losses for a Long type of strategy happen when a trade bought to open higher than it sold to close. For short strategies a loss will be when a trade sold to open lower than it it bought to close.

How Long Will I be in The Strategy?

Frequency is important for knowing approximately how long a strategy normally takes. This can help with trade management and planning. For an options trader its critical to know this ahead of time so you know how much time to buy. 

The Strategy Trade Journal

This shows you every trade that happened in the strategy in a beautiful trade low. We even show you when a current trade is active with the "In Progress" tag.

Click on any trade in the log to instantly go to that trade in the chart.

View our article for Advanced Statistics

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