We created a unique way to tap all the intelligent brains in our community using something called "Crowd Sourced Strategies".

What is a Crowd Sourced Strategy?

All strategies backtested by members of the community are pushed through our 10 factor weighting system. If it is a good strategy it is made available to everyone in the community via the Discover feature in our SCAN tab.

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Once you have Discover selected you can choose to see strategies for: All Stocks, Current Stock, or Current Watchlist.

Advanced Filters

From here you can filter the strategies down event more by using advanced filters:

Popular filters include: Starting, Stock Price $20 to $200, Rating B+ or better, Risk Reward 1.5 or greater, Batting Average 50% or better, Trades Per Year 6 or more. 

You can further refine your filtering by conditions such as strategies that use MACD or PayDay Cycle.

*NOTE: When you click on a strategy in the SCAN tab through Discover the exact conditions that make up the strategy will always be shown in full detail in the BACKTEST tab.

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