Quality of Life Trading Features

Before beginning, it is worthwhile to mention that there are many hotkeys on your keyboard that allow you to better help with your understanding of the platform and strategies we offer.

Use Ctrl-P to enter the screen print mode to print your screen page for later use.

Use Alt-Tab to swap between different applications you have open on your computer

Use Ctrl-Tab to swap between different tabs on one iteration of your browser.

On the platform specifically, all of our shortcuts are saved right above the chart. You can access them by clicking the 3 vertical dots icon and selecting the shortcuts button. This will pop up all of Wallstreet.io’s specific shortcuts on the chart. Here is a screenshot of those shortcuts:

You can mouse over the page and use CTRL-P to print a copy of it if you like. If you are using the dark background setting for the site, it is a good idea to change the setting to light so you can print the page with a white background. Click on Settings below the Chart to make that change to light.

There is now a Stock Overlay for each ticker symbol. If you hover over any ticker in your watchlist you will see an icon pop up on the right side.

Click on the icon and you will see information on the sector, market cap, industry, average volume and the exchange that the stock trades on. If the earnings date is confirmed you will see the earnings date as well.

Beneath the general information on the stock you will see information about the strategies for that ticker symbol. If you left click on All Strategies, it will take you to the Scan tab where you can view all strategies for that ticker symbol.

If you click on Top Strategies, it will take you to all Top Strategies in the Discover tool.

If you click on Top Starting you will be taken to the Top Strategies starting today for that ticker symbol in Discover.

Hold your left mouse button and slide the Stock Overlay panel to the left. You will see a description of the business the company is in and the products they offer.

When you view a strategy, you will notice two new buttons at the bottom of the Stats Panel.

The Tag feature allows you to add a tag to a strategy regardless of whether you follow

the strategy. (ie create a tag entitled Naked Puts). You can add stocks to a watchlist with the tag feature or you can tag specific strategies that you want to save on that separated list. When you search for that tag in the strategy scanner simply click the Strategy Tags button and the CONTAINS >, then typing in the tag name, you will find all of those specifically tagged strategies listed together. Here is a picture example.

Moreover, you can create a tagged list of strategies that you specifically Do NOT want to see in your strategy scanner. Simply click STRATEGY TAGS and select EXCLUDES > to keep those strategies in the tagged list off of your scanner. This is useful if a strategy has multiple tags and you only want strategies with one tag on it and not both.

You can create a Note for a strategy which will appear everytime you view the strategy. These are simply for you, the trader, to make notes on a particular strategy about whatever you want, whether it is upcoming earnings, news for the stock, price points, etc.

If you go to Edit Account, you are now able to set up a Tagged Strategy Digest which you can receive in a separate email each day. If you set the toggle switch to on (green), a layout will pop out to set up the time of delivery for the email and which tags you want Included in the email.

These enhancements are all part of our new Quality of Trading Life Features we are

introducing to facilitate your ease of use on the Wallstreet.io platform.

Special thanks to Kathie for helping co-create this article.

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