The Trade Journal is our new feature. It allows you to input trades you are either following or wish to paper trade to see up-to-date, with fast statistical results.

You can access the trade journal on the platform by clicking the clipboard icon on the left sidebar of the platform.

The Trade Journal is capable of logging trades based on the information you provide, such as the strike price/stock price of the security you wish to trade, and displaying the statistics for these.

On this main screen of the trade journal, there are a couple of resources immediately available at the top: the total return of your trades, batting average, and profit factor.

For more information on these stats click here.

Directly below these, is where the logged trades will be shown. In the upper left corner of the logged trades is a drop-down menu showing your portfolios list. Click that drop-down menu to access any portfolios that you have previously created. The name for the default portfolio is "My Portfolio".

When you select "My Portfolio" you will see 3 dots appear to the right of the drop-down menu. When you click on those 3 dots, you will open up the edit menu, where you will be able to edit the current portfolio you have selected or create a new one.

By clicking on "Edit Portfolio" you can edit the name of the portfolio and also add an initial amount you are using for that specific portfolio (the initial amount is not required).

When you click on "Create Portfolio" you will be shown a similar box as shown above with the same information to fill (the name of a new portfolio is required to create a new one).

Anytime you log a trade from the All Portfolios view it will be logged to the default portfolio, however, you can easily move it to another one by clicking on the 3 dots on the right of that trade log.

On the top right side above the log of trades is where you would actually input a trade. This is denoted by "Log Trade" and has a pencil icon beside it. Click this to create your first trade log.

Once clicked, you will see a pop-up asking if the trade was a stock or options trade. Select either to begin logging your trade.

For more information on how to log trades click here.

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