All Live Meetups can be found on the Live Meetup Page. You can access it by clicking on the "TV" icon button on the left sidebar of the website.

All the available shows are listed there, you can see when the shows will be live and if you mouseover one you can see at what time they will start on your local time.

You can easily tell if one of the meetups is currently live when the "TV" icon button on the left sidebar is red.

By default, each time a meetup is starting it will open a pop-up to the meetup on the bottom right side of the website, you can watch it there while also going through other parts of the website. To move it around if it is blocking your view, simply move your mouse to the top of the pop-up, click, hold, and drag.

To increase the size of the pop-up, click on the bottom left corner and drag.

Additionally, if you would like to just attend the meetup, click on the "TV" icon button within the pop-up. To go back to the pop-up click on the button located on the top right corner of the page.

To disable the pop-up when a live show starts, simply go to your user settings by clicking on your avatar at the bottom right corner of the site, then on "edit account". Look for the "In-App Notifications" section. And turn off the notifications for the live meetups.

To access the live chat of an ongoing meetup, simply click on the "chat" floating icon located on the top right corner of the website. The icon is visible on any page within the platform.

Check out all the available meetups here!

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