The Education Center is where you will find all of our available courses, recordings of the Live Meetups, as well as some other great resources like interviews with some of our most successful members.

It is very simple to use and we made sure it is as user-friendly and familiar to use as possible. It can be located by clicking on the graduation cap icon on the left sidebar of the website.

As you may notice once you access the Education Center, it is divided into some sections to organize the type of content available.

  • My Learning: In this section, you will find all the courses you have purchased.

  • Education: In this section, you will find all the courses available on the website, if you click on one that you do not own you will be prompted to purchase it.

  • Meetups: This section is dedicated to the meetups replays.

  • Trading With Indicators: We have some amazing videos that will teach you more about some of the indicators we have available on the website and you can find those videos in this section.

  • Recent Lessons: Here you will find the videos or courses you have watched recently.

  • Getting Started: This section is where you want to be if you are new to the website, you will be able to find great video guides for all the features and tools on the website.

  • Keep Watching: Here you can pick back up on those courses or videos that you said you would finish later.

You can easily navigate through the various sections by using the arrows on the right side of each section.

Another great functionality is when you hover over one of the courses without clicking on it you can see the number of lessons on that course.

Once you click on one of the courses, it will open an expanded section where you will be able to see more information about the course as well as a list of the lessons, or in case of meetups replays, a list of the most recent replays uploaded. Finally, you can click on "view course" to be directed to the page of that course.

On the top right side, you will find a search bar, once you click on it you will open up a search pop-up, in there you will have the regular search bar you can use to look for videos or courses by typing down the name, additionally, you can use the filters below the search bar to look for courses or videos within a specific category and/or presenter.

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